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Fail Whale Dejavue

Do you still remember the Deutsche Bahn Social Media Fail Whale? For all, who cannot read german or do not remember this event anymore:

A blogger called Markus Beckedahl (blogging for, a well known blog in germany) worked for the DB and published internal documents about DB spying out employees. After somebody from DB saw this and forwarded it to a responsible person at Deutsche Bahn, Markus Beckedahl got a dissuasion from DB. Markus also published the dissuasion and DB reacted with an action for injunction.  Markus Beckedahl once again seeked help in the online community and got massive backup, leading to the fact that the Deutsche Bahn had to surrender and draw back their legal enforcements.

Why am i reminding to this long gone event? Because i am having a hard dejavue.

Wikileaks publishes documents, the US gov strikes back with law and dirty tricks, so the community retaliates with hacking attacks.

If the reaction of the internet community is going to be high enough for the US Government to surrender (or the US is performing an even more stupid and outraging action), the USA will have their personal “social media fail whale”.

Why else, do you think, that the President of US, Obama, does not give statements about Wikileaks? – Right, because he knows how to cope with social media.

The social media community is like a living organism with an extraordinary high amount of white blood cells.


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Strange Weddings

I presume, everyone already heard of  “Klingon Weddings”, where People get married in a … let us say, unconventional way. Here is a picture to show what I am talking about:  (update 24.02.2011: picture went down 😦 )

In my eyes, people can do what they want, as long as they do not negatively affect other human beings.

But there are other strange weddings happening in the world that make me wonder, if the humans can really cope with the rapid and ever faster getting development of computers.

Since the klingon wedding is not that crazy, here are some other examples for the weddings that are happening in the world:

Today, I saw a tweet about a “female nerd” getting married to R2D2 – WTF? How can you love something, that is neither a fantasy being, nor a human?

It is even getting worse, since people in japan get married to video game characters.

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The importance of the Cluetrain Manifesto

I am writing my bachelor thesis about “social media in concerns” for my study “information systems and management”. Currently I am creating a powerpoint slide about the reasons why a company should engage social media. I already investigated a lot about this topic, but i am not really satisfied with the reasons given. Some people say that that  the internet penetration rate (% of people who have their own internet access) plays a big role, other say its connected to the fact that other companies already spend a lot of money for social media (yes i am working for a european company and yes, this company was not one of the first who engaged social media 🙂 ).

After some time searching for the reason, why social media is so necessary nowadays, i found the cluetrain manifesto. Here are some points (out of 95 thesis) that belong to the most important in my eyes:

1. Markets are conversations.

6. The Internet is enabling conversations among human beings that were simply not possible in the era of mass media.

68. You want us to pay? We want you to pay attention.

In my eyes, the Cluetrain Manifesto clearly describes the change in the internet, or let us say, the online community is going on. The times, when a salesman could tell the potential customer what he liked, are long gone.
Today a potential customer googles about a product and he is going to find out, if it sucks, or not. Or he

What do you think? Is the cluetrain manifesto a leading argument for the companies to deal with social media? Or is it a long outdated, old web 1.0 relic?

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