Strange Weddings

I presume, everyone already heard of  “Klingon Weddings”, where People get married in a … let us say, unconventional way. Here is a picture to show what I am talking about:  (update 24.02.2011: picture went down 😦 )

In my eyes, people can do what they want, as long as they do not negatively affect other human beings.

But there are other strange weddings happening in the world that make me wonder, if the humans can really cope with the rapid and ever faster getting development of computers.

Since the klingon wedding is not that crazy, here are some other examples for the weddings that are happening in the world:

Today, I saw a tweet about a “female nerd” getting married to R2D2 – WTF? How can you love something, that is neither a fantasy being, nor a human?

It is even getting worse, since people in japan get married to video game characters.

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